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We have two objectives: quality and service.

To reach them, for more than 20 years the company has been engaged in a process of continuous innovation. Even for the years 2013-2015 are in phase of realization important technological interventions in order to ensure the maintenance of our objectives.

The results of our work are the continuous expansion of trade and productivity growth, that allow us to be a safe and reliable partner for our customers.

The corrugating machine, the seven processing lines and the new line dedicated to high definition allow us to meet all different needs regarding the packaging of corrugated cardboard, they give us the flexibility to meet both the small business that needs to Micro-production, both the large multinational corporation that requires large volumes in a short time.

The quality control and full traceability of the product are assured throughout the entire production cycle, from the arrival of raw materials to delivery to the end customer, thanks to the internal analysis laboratory that ensures compliance with the technical requirements.